Kocbach map handling for elite orienteers

Thanks to valuable feedback of Jan Kocbach.

I have introduced new map handling technique with working title Kocbach map handling…


To explain it, I must start with a concept of map focus point. This is the point that you are rotating your map around. Or zooming to it in or out. And most importantly you probably

project your real position there in mind.

In default map handling, this focus points is in center of the map. Same as in Catching Features game.


In “Kocbach” map handling (I must ask Jan if I have permission to use this name in final game 🙂 ), your focus point is around the position you point with your thumb.

This is position on map where runner projects it’s real position on the map too. So everything rotates around this point or zoom to it in or out.


From feedback of people playing Virtual-O. It looks like this technique already has its fans. In fact I’m using it now as my map handling method.

You will still have ability to toggle between these two techniques. As I think that it’s important to keep “compatible” controls with Catching Features.

Of course all of this will start to get further meaning with new map assistants…

Stay tuned for next article about them


You can see both techniques in this video:

KANPAS compass in Virtual-O

It’s a long story, but in short. Thanks to belgian orienteers, I’m now in contact with KANPAS compass development engineer.

KANPAS has kindly sent me a samples of elite orienteering compasses for try. And I must say that I was pleasantly surprised from their performance.

Based on results, I’m happy to announce that KANPAS compasses will be added to Virtual-O.

Here you can see catalog to get better image about KANPAS compasses:



I got complete 3D model from KANPAS, so it was really fast to add it into game. In fact it’s first thumb compass available in Virtual-O alpha.

Here is a screenshot from it’s texturing:


And here is ingame screenshot (still missing strap):





Happy New Year 2016 and little update

At first Happy New Year 2016

After some needed rest. I have tweaked a little, long neglected forest in pilot map.

There are now used 3 textures for forest ground that are composited using perlin noise to simulate organic kook with different bioms.

And I have added basic undergrowth in the forest that uses perlin noise too. Sometimes forest is free of undergrowth, sometimes you see a mix or one plant communities.

You can see comparison screenshots here: