Virtual-O will be on ECTO 2016 (3rd and 4th round)

Virtual-O will be on ECTO 2016! There will be a showcase of real gameplay.

And most importantly, you will be able to try Virtual-O by yourself!


Competitions are 3rd and 4th round of Unofficial European Cup in TrailO held in Slovakia. (21.-22.5)

It’s organized by my brothers Dusan and Jan Furucz. And as they belong to elite Trail-O orienteers now, I would like to announce planned Virtual-O support for trail orienteering.


See further info about competitions here: ECTO 2016 (3rd and 4th round preliminary info)

Facebook of ECTO 2016 Slovakia

Further details about time and location of Virtual-O demonstration will be specified later.


P.S.: I have heard rumours, that you could win there an early access/final copy of Virtual-O.

Virtual-O will be on ECTO 2016 (Borský Mikuláš)
Photo from 4th stage near Borský Mikuláš

Virtual compass physics

Len me introduce Virtual-O’s virtual compass physics.

The compass is an old school one. So you must excuse it hasn’t so stable needle.


Most important thing was to get it working pretty realistic. Every physics parameter of the compass is tweakable.

I can change weight of the needle, angular drag, magnetic force. And result is calculated by physics engine.

Now engine is already prepared for thumb compassess. Same system would be used, only with changed parameters.

Virtual-O on World of O

Virtual-O on World of O!

Pretty exciting day for Virtual-O. Jan Kocbach has written article about us. I think it’s really nice and positive.

And what is most important, he has delivered Virtual-O’s message and vision to community.

Virtual-O is now getting in contact with people. From hobby to top level. And not only with orienteers.

For example, I’m pretty excited about contact with adventure racing community. We’ll see what it will bring to Virtual-O.


Virtual-O on World of O

Virtual orienteering simulator is not complete without virtual compass

I got a question about missing compass. Of course, Virtual-O will use virtual compass. (it will be optional, you will have ability to disable it for training purposes)

And I’m working on it’s implementation now. Here is first model used for prototyping. (old school one)

First compass

Of course  thumb compasses will be introduced in future.

After short vacation, I will continue to work on it’s physics simulation. So stay tuned.