One step closer to realistic orienteering simulator

I have made complete revamp of first person controller. Added speed differentiation and ingame hands. (holding map)

So we are one step closer to the most realistic orienteering simulator.

Here are more details:

Speed map

Implemented the runner speed based on map symbols. Here is visualised speed map.

Realistic orienteering simulator

And I have working slope based speed of runner too. (it’s not linear relation, I can specify whole curve based on slope value)

For example 20 degress downhill could speed up runner. But 85 degress downhill could make runner slower.

Slopes and map symbols are influencing the speed of runner by percents. And I can independently set 100% speed of runner.

Than everything will be calculated from this base speed. This makes tuning of a parameters flexible.

So we now have more realistic runner simulation. (it need some further tweaking of parameters, but that’s an easier part)

Ingame map enhancements

Further enhancements were made to the ingame map. These features were added:

  • animation when enabling the map.
  • map bob while running.
  • slight map moving when standing still
  • realistic hand is holding map

Virtual-O (Virtual Orienteering Simulator)

Welcome to development blog of Virtual-O (Virtual Orienteering Simulator).

Virtual-O is an independent game developed mainly for PC and Oculus Rift.

Main objective is creating a full featured virtual orienteering simulator. That will be used by orienteerers from hobby to top level to improve their map technique. But still usable for schools, scouts to learn map reading and orienteering if desired.

Check back at this blog for new screenshots, videos and updates.