Development update 2

While preparing new maps some time has passed while Virtual-O game engine wasn’t updated. (because latest version of game engine has some issues with performance related to trees count)

Well this isn’t yet fixed in the Unity. But raising compatibility problems of used assets has forced me to upgrade the engine nevertheless. This update will start its life at first only in beta branch.


On the positive side we get an access to some new features of game engine so Virtual-O can use new terrain rendering asset that allows us to render 256 textures in one pass and tessellation.

Here is little comparison of disabled vs enabled tessellation for rock faces. Tessellation will be used for new map.

tessellation_off tessellation_on

And here is little preview of new feature called Screen Space Shadows. It provides screen-space raytraced shadows for directional lights for sharp, detailed contact shadows.

It’s relative cheap image effect which can add a lot of depth to grass fields.

Well you can check it by yourself. First images from pairs are without this effect. Ignore slight color differences. They are not result of this effect. Effect just add shadows.

What is interesting that this effect is relative effective even on lower settings where shadows have lower quality. But this effect add here still lot of depth

1se_disabled 1se_enabled 2se_disabled 2se_enabled