Game modes of Virtual-O

Game modes of Virtual-O.
For now three base game modes are planned (for Trail-O and Temp-O will be specific game mode. Just take it as a another category for now):

  • Beginner
    • 2x faster than reality. I’m considering 1.5x too, we will see in future
    • you will have ability to enable avatar that will show your position on ingame map
    • I’m considering automatic map orientation assistant (optional)
    • Tutorial with introduction to orienteering/ basic navigation
  • Normal
    • 2x faster than reality
    • same rules as Elite only slower
    • 2x faster is relative nice speed to be able to play the game without pro gaming skills
  • Elite
    • 4x faster than reality


I’m considering 4th play mode called Training. That would enable you to enable/disable assistants. And you will have ability to change your base speed and timescale for training purposes as you want.


have set base pace 3:30 for player. That’s 17.1 km/h.

In the video you see symbol speed modifier on bottom left corner. Slope speed modifier is just above it. (of course this wouldn’t be visible in final build of the game).

(that road on open land has symbol speed modifier 0.9, clear forest has 0.6)

Video is started in Elite game mode. Than in 27th second I have changed to Normal mode. You can enjoy never showed parts of the map.