Landvetter is here. Or enjoy biggest update in Virtual-O history

New scandinavian map is now available in stable branch of Virtual-O! Basically 10 months of development which was living separate in beta branch is now available for everyone as default.

What do you need to do? Well basically nothing. Stable branch is now automatically replaced with newest version of Virtual-O. And players which were using beta branch can still stay on it.

It will be same version as stable till new beta branch update will arrive.


This area is dominated by large wetlands and sparse low-growing pine trees with good visibility
Size of terrain is 2x2km


In rare case when update wouldn’t work for you, you could still switch back to legacy branch

Here is guide for that:

1. First report your problem to email specified in main menu. And it would be fixed ASAP
2. Right click on Virtual-O in Steam library. Choose Properties -> Betas
3. Pick legacy branch in beta dropdown
4. New build will start to download

Change log:

  • Apart from adding new map of course
  • Added validation for bounds when creating elements for symbol map. Simply only used part of the OCAD map is converted.
  • Replaced SMAA with TAA
  • Added Screen Space Shadows
  • Major update of game engine version (in paradox game could be slower in some cases)
  • Made control 25% bigger
  • Optimized 4.9KB garbage allocation per frame
  • Improved world globe performance
  • Added Objects Streamer
  • Optimized image effects into one uber effect
  • Added optimization for multiterrain rendering (specially for Landvetter and Kingdom of Webs)
  • Added terrain culling distance slider. It specifies distance on which whole terrain will be culled.
  • Added runtime spawning of tree colliders (used for Landvetter)
  • Fixed “floating” pines in Lada
  • Removed annoying tooltips which where showing on picking of value.
  • Fixed Wrong reaction distance in course builder when selecting controls on Landvetter
  • Replaced vignette and brightness/contrast by Unity post processing stack. Adjusted eye adaptation too.
    (You may need to tune gamma again as it was reset)
  • Upgraded Unity to 5.6.2 which solved graphical glitch when screen collapsed to triangles
  • Added new gameplay tips in loading screen
  • Optimized runtime evaluation of symbol map (speed, direction disturbance etc)
  • Updated Steam API to newest version
  • Fixed mouse not reacting problem on computers with touch input
  • Fixed particles
  • Fixed bug of missing trees after exiting course builder. (terrain culling refresh was missing)
  • Optimized runtime footsteps generation
  • Removed weird stripg on grass color in Landvetter. Adjusted blueberries tint to remove too green effect.
  • Implemented basic corridor training prototype. (now disabled in UI for first beta branch test
  • Support for localization. Added Steam based language switching. (if that language is supported
  • CourseBuilder and CourseReplay are now prefabs shared between all map base scenes. Added localization to course builder, replay
  • Added Tahult brown map image
  • Fixed bug of loosing changes to course conditions while course list is updated
  • Fixed sorting for competition type, status, difficulty in course list, added support for translations
  • Added vsync in main menus to do not bake your GPUs when not needed
  • Added power lines to Landvetter
  • Added possibility to invert mouse based map movement and rotation (separately)
  • Now assigning tail colors based on finish time in course replay
  • For now I’m disabling TOD rays even if it’s enabled as with actual version it’s basically not working
  • Updated Unity to 5.6.3p3
  • Improved performance for ultra high settings
  • Added validation for missing control descriptions before uploading competition/course
  • Added validation for course name uniqueness before uploading competition/course
  • Added wrap to course and competition descriptions in course builder
  • Fixed Str8 compass rotation when using it in right hand
  • Fixed mixed values order for course builder mode slider
  • Fixed missing base plate compass 3D model
  • Added shadows distance and LOD slider
  • Added translations preview
  • Fixed bug with wrong color of local vs online replay of actual player

Known issues in Landvetter:

  • Small jittering of hand and compass while looking to map
  • Disabling objects streamer is available just for debugging purposes. It will be removed in future to secure fair conditions for all.
  • Some cliffs are too flat

Some symbols are not yet converted:

  • 519 Stone wall
  • 522 Fence
  • 526 Building