Something about upcoming scandinavian map

Here is an interesting info about upcoming map. I would like to emphasize that it will be first scandinavian map!
To make it little thrilling I wouldn’t be posting map pictures yet, so you can try to find it by yourself…

Kudos to Sven Granfors. Here are few words from him:
Landvetter is a village about 20 km east of Gothenburg. The local club and map-owner is OK Landehof and the map has been produced by members of the club. OK Landehof is an orienteering club with main focus on youth, but has also fostered WM-medalists and even a world master in the 1970’s. Apart from orienteering, OK Landehof is also active in nordic skiing and biathlon.
The terrain around Landvetter is quite typical for the region and parts of it is similar to the area where Tiomila will be held in 2017. It’s rather hilly, for being in the south of Sweden and dominated by pine trees, however part of the area is a nature reserve, with large oak trees. Due to the active forestry in the region, there are also areas with denser forest and deforestation areas. The rather large amount of marshes are easily crossed during spring and early summer, whereas they can be very hard to cross late summer or fall, due to the high grass growing there.

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