Beta branch update version 0.8.6496.41346 released

Change log:

  • Implemented basic corridor training prototype. (now disabled in UI for first beta branch test
  • Support for localization. Added Steam based language switching. (if that language is supported
  • CourseBuilder and CourseReplay are now prefabs shared between all map base scenes. Added localization to course builder, replay
  • Added Tahult brown map image
  • Fixed bug of loosing changes to course conditions while course list is updated
  • Fixed sorting for competition type, status, difficulty in course list, added support for translations
  • Added vsync in main menus to do not bake your GPUs when not needed
  • Added power lines to Landvetter
  • Added possibility to invert mouse based map movement and rotation (separately)
  • Now assigning tail colors based on finish time in course replay
  • For now I’m disabling TOD rays even if it’s enabled as with actual version it’s basically not working
  • Updated Unity to 5.6.3p3>/li>
  • Improved performance for ultra high settings