Online course replay in video

Today I would like to show you replay of online course.

This course is living now on cloud. So beta testers can download it and run and finally we can compare our results and routes too.

Thanks to Jan Kocbach‚Äôs kindly permission to copy 2DRerun handling, you’ll feel right at home.


Here is how it looks when author of course (sadly me) that has run through it many times lose… ūüėČ

Next big step is Steam integration!

Finally I have started to work on Steam integration. At first I have moved actual build to Steam. This is thing that you may want to see.


Than I have started to implement online courses sharing feature.

Online courses sharing, what does it mean?

It will enable you to upload course or whole multi-stage competition to cloud. (more on that in future).

You will be able to specify conditions for race like time of the day, weather, game difficulty etc.

Other players will be able to download it, rate it and most importantly run it. Only result of first run will count.

In first run you must use course conditions specified by course builder, in next re-runs you will be able to override these settings.

After finishing course you will be able to compare your routes, results with other players from world.


Good news is that basically every building block of online course sharing is now implemented. Of course everything is rough now and needs to polish substantially.

I will need to solve edge cases like how it works when Steam is in offline mode etc.


Highest priority now is to move¬†Virtual-O to Steam for¬†alpha testers. And that means we are really near Virtual-O early access release on Steam…


UI is not final for this screen, but you may get idea which course conditions you will be able to set.

International Specification for Orienteering Maps will be in Virtual-O!

I believe that something extraordinary has happened, that will be be beneficial for both orienteering and Virtual-O.

I have made an agreement with IOF about usage of International Specification for Orienteering Maps (ISOM 2000) in Virtual-O.

ISOM is an document that provides an explanation of all symbols used in orienteering maps. And even more.


I have permission to use it in its entirety and parts of it.

My plan is to show few random symbols explanations while loading map. This method is often used in games to present some information to player.

I believe that it’s nice way how to explain something from orienteering to users step by step. Not many people people will read whole ISOM at once. But presenting

few symbols explanation while they are basically waiting will be much more effective.

(and it looks that I have another surprise for this screen, but I will reveal it later…)


And I would like¬†to attach PDF inside of Virtual-O installation. As it’s helpful resource for orienteers. And it doesn’t matter if you are beginner or¬†advanced runnner.