International Specification for Orienteering Maps will be in Virtual-O!

I believe that something extraordinary has happened, that will be be beneficial for both orienteering and Virtual-O.

I have made an agreement with IOF about usage of International Specification for Orienteering Maps (ISOM 2000) in Virtual-O.

ISOM is an document that provides an explanation of all symbols used in orienteering maps. And even more.


I have permission to use it in its entirety and parts of it.

My plan is to show few random symbols explanations while loading map. This method is often used in games to present some information to player.

I believe that it’s nice way how to explain something from orienteering to users step by step. Not many people people will read whole ISOM at once. But presenting

few symbols explanation while they are basically waiting will be much more effective.

(and it looks that I have another surprise for this screen, but I will reveal it later…)


And I would like to attach PDF inside of Virtual-O installation. As it’s helpful resource for orienteers. And it doesn’t matter if you are beginner or advanced runnner.



Course replay is getting better

Thanks to Jan Kocbach’s kindly permission to copy 2D Rerun handling, Virtual-O course replay handling will be very similar to 2D Rerun.

New features are coming into course replay:

  • multiple trails
  • multiple replay modes (mass start, split analysis)
  • added possibility to save local replays
  • for now, if not forever, it’s not position based but control based. So you are not picking place on map, but control.

I still count with GPS export for more sophisticated analysis.

That black table, buttons on right are of course not using final design. It’s just developer stub. Many other settings, tweaks will be added later.


Volumetric fog and mist presets

Added system for volumetric fog & mist presets. And introduced sky haze slider.

All of this and more will be unlocked for creator of course. Author will be able to force these conditions for race:
time of day
head lamp
clouds, atmosphere
volumetric fog & mist & haze
map material (you can for example choose contours only map for race)
game mode

After completing your first race, you will be able to override these conditions.

Here is video: