Course replay is getting better

Thanks to Jan Kocbach’s kindly permission to copy 2D Rerun handling, Virtual-O course replay handling will be very similar to 2D Rerun.

New features are coming into course replay:

  • multiple trails
  • multiple replay modes (mass start, split analysis)
  • added possibility to save local replays
  • for now, if not forever, it’s not position based but control based. So you are not picking place on map, but control.

I still count with GPS export for more sophisticated analysis.

That black table, buttons on right are of course not using final design. It’s just developer stub. Many other settings, tweaks will be added later.


Volumetric fog and mist presets

Added system for volumetric fog & mist presets. And introduced sky haze slider.

All of this and more will be unlocked for creator of course. Author will be able to force these conditions for race:
time of day
head lamp
clouds, atmosphere
volumetric fog & mist & haze
map material (you can for example choose contours only map for race)
game mode

After completing your first race, you will be able to override these conditions.

Here is video:

Orienteering manual for Virtual-O

I would like to attach beginners guide to orienteering for Virtual-O when it will be released on Steam.

It would be an nice way how to present orienteering to beginners or newcomers. And it would serve as “orienteering” manual for Virtual-O.

When I was a kid legendary book for me was Malá škola orientačního běhu from Ivo Doušek and Zdeněk Lenhart.
(friends from Czechoslovakia will know it. I remember how I studied every word in it)

Do you please know some modern appealing material or someone who is working on this field. I haven’t found something like that on IOF page.

Something similar may be needed for map symbols.
I plan to explain map symbols inside of the game. As some sort of hints when loading map for example.

Please if you are interested or you know someone for whom it would be interesting, contact me through this page:


Automatic fence conversion

Added automatic fence conversion into OCAD converter. This means support not only for fences but also walls, corridors.

Simply objects placed based on OCAD line object.

In fact you can generate even invisible fences around area objects or based on line objects. So it’s pretty flexible feature.

I’m using asset that contains more than 150 presets. And if needed, presets could be further manually tweaked and added new ones.

Here are some images to get better idea about it:


EOC post mortem

At first I would like to thank organizers that they give me this possibility to present Virtual-O on EOC. (Tomáš Leštínský, Lukáš König, David Aleš)

Stressful start

After a little stressful start when I was invisible for hour or two. Some Virtual-O flyers get into arena (thanks to sister-in-law) and everything have started nicely. And it went so till end of the day.

I know this paradox from Christmas markets in Bratislava. When no one is waiting in queue before stand, it’s simply invisible. After few people will come there, suddenly you have queue behind you…

On ECTO everything went fluent from start, on EOC it took some time. (relay was starting, much bigger arena, maybe even more factors were in the game)

Something that I need to learn from.


Very same as on ECTO.

  • map assistants were widely used
  • questions about OCAD converter and release date
  • kids were the most enthusiastic players. It looks like adults are more cautious to show their game play in public.
  • I was hoping for more elite orienteers feedback, I’m not sure of reasons behind this. (maybe lack of time, disinterest or lassitude). My only way to improve here is to make game even better in future.
  • I have attended several very interesting discussions about Virtual-O so I can learn much from it
  • At least from my side I have seen only positive reactions. Ok, ok I still need to block jumping from the big rocks

And here are few photos from action. I’m guy in that splendid Virtual-O T-shirt 🙂

IMG_4987 IMG_4989 IMG_4993 IMG_5000 IMG_5001 IMG_5003 IMG_5006 IMG_5015