Time for change


I would like to inform you about near future of Virtual-O.

I have decided that some things needs to be changed in Virtual-O development.


I have fallen into an ineffective development cycle where I’m trying to deliver new maps. Simply because everyone want new maps.

But this results in hindered development of Virtual-O and even more importantly. It stops development of improvements which could be made to OCAD converter itself.

So in fact, creating of new maps is blocking creation of maps… 🙂


But you know, people have paid for Virtual-O and I wanted to be sure to deliver them enough value for their money. And this was that safest way how to achieve it.

But I think that it’s right time to stop this. We have five maps. Many tens of hours of possible gameplay, which is not that bad.


Now I would like to develop new features for Virtual-O. Improve game itself, improve OCAD converter to make it easier to convert new maps, which opens possibilities for better Virtual-O future.


And who will be creating new maps? Well I hope that this fantastic community will take care of it.

I would like to start to open Virtual-O maps conversion to people from this community. It won’t be straightforward process. Probably, at least for some time, I would still need to participate in this process, but I would like to improve this with time.


It wouldn’t be open for anyone, people will need to get their hands dirty with Unity etc.

But I’m pretty sure that they will be able to create better maps than I. Stay tuned for more news. And of course let me know what you think about this change!

Best regards