New beta branch build with instanced rendering of vegetation

there is new beta branch build available.

Change log:
Running backwards is enabled

Game engine is updated by one generation. So it’s important to check if everything is working as before. Please let me know if you would find something strange.

Vegetation rendering was replaced with new system in each map which uses instanced rendering and it will help eliminate
hiccups when building grass patches around player.

There are new graphics options for Grass Density, Vegetation Distance, Additional Tree Distance, Additional Billboard Distance. Which are adjusted automaticlaly with graphics preset slider. But you can still override them manually.

Grass Density
You can now adjust grass density dynamically. 100 is really only for ultra settings.
75 is nice and peformant. But if you have lower graphics you can lower it down to get much better performance.

Vegetation Distance
Is the visible range for grass and trees.

Additional Tree Distance
Is added to the Vegetation Distance. It will render Trees as meshes in this additional Range.

Additional Billboard Range
Is distance on top of the additional tree distance. In this range billboards of trees will be rendererd.

You can access this beta branch if you perform these steps.
1. Right click on Virtual-O in Steam library. Choose Properties -> Betas
2. Pick beta branch in beta dropdown
3. New build will start to download