Development update

Many things happened in last two months. 
I got in contact with many people that would like to share maps for Virtual-O.

This activity resulted in one Australian map with interesting difficulty ranging from intermediate with some difficult secions. (which is something that Virtual-O needs for future)
So I have started to convert this map. But after short time I have started to experience most busy weeks in my work in entire life, so work on Virtual-O was reduced.

Still in this busy time I was contacted by more map owners. And one contact has brought an holy grail for conversion. An really really huge OCAD in scandinavian terrain.
Why it is an holy grail? Because you can prepare symbol conversion map once and than use it for whole huge OCAD while creating map by map from this area.
So this option can bring relative easily bunch of maps after first costly conversion.

Stay tuned for more info about map in next posts. And of course here is at least one photo.