Review that just made my day

Positive review like this one on Steam gives you so much energy for further Virtual-O development. Thanks!

Virtual-o is the best, most realistic and enjoyable orienteering simulator that is made! I have almost only positive feedback from the game after over 50 played hours. The gaming experience is a lot more like real orienteering than it is in Catching features and in Suunnistussimulaattori (those two are also orienteering simulators).

Virtual-o i still an “early access” game, and that is true but not the entire truth. It is already totally ready for gaming! Some adjustments will be done in the future to the game that will make the gaming experience even better that it is.
The biggest “fear” for new and potential buyers are definitely that there is only 3 maps available at the moment. I can tell you from my own experience that it is not a problem! There is so many different ways to use the maps, the biggest thing is that there is a lot of different courses made on each map and anyone can do now courses whenever they want. Another thing that makes the gaming experience more diverse is that you can use different types of the same map (regular, less details and brown).
There are more maps already under work so if there is someone that aren’t willing to buy the game just for 3 maps, one can buy the game in a while when there is more maps to play with. (You should not do that because you can buy the game now and you will get the new maps and features as soon as they are made, you can also get them in a beta mode and be a part of developing the new maps and features)

I can recommend the game for everyone that are interested in orienteering or want to try orienteering!

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