Virtual-O map assistants

I have added bunch of Virtual-O map assistants. Similar system of assistants is often used in formulas/cars simulator.

Where you can toggle different driving assistants that helps you with steering, braking, gear shifting etc.


In Virtual-O I have prepared three map assistants:

  • map orientation assistant (it rotates your map automatically to north)
  • map movement assistant (it moves your map focus point automatically to your position on map)
  • map position assistant (it shows arrow on map where your actual position is, but do not moves map)

So if you enable both map orientation assistant and map movement assistant. You wouldn’t need to handle the map, you will be just looking on it.

This can be really useful thing for kids, newcomers in orienteering or for non-gamer orienteers. As it can help greatly in making of Virtual-O => orienteering more accessible.

And I’m pretty excited about this, as it is one of my main objectives for Virtual-O.


You can see map assistants in action in this video (no assistant -> map orientation assistant enabled -> map movement assistant enabled -> map position assistant enabled):