Virtual-O will be on ECTO 2016 (3rd and 4th round)

Virtual-O will be on ECTO 2016! There will be a showcase of real gameplay.

And most importantly, you will be able to try Virtual-O by yourself!


Competitions are 3rd and 4th round of Unofficial European Cup in TrailO held in Slovakia. (21.-22.5)

It’s organized by my brothers Dusan and Jan Furucz. And as they belong to elite Trail-O orienteers now, I would like to announce planned Virtual-O support for trail orienteering.


See further info about competitions here: ECTO 2016 (3rd and 4th round preliminary info)

Facebook of ECTO 2016 Slovakia

Further details about time and location of Virtual-O demonstration will be specified later.


P.S.: I have heard rumours, that you could win there an early access/final copy of Virtual-O.

Virtual-O will be on ECTO 2016 (Borský Mikuláš)
Photo from 4th stage near Borský Mikuláš