Version 0.8.6189.42387 released

Change log: 

  • Updated Lada map video 
  • Added focus to next leg feature. It’s mapped to Left SHIFT. Look around feature was moved to TAB. You will need to reset controls to defaults in Input mapping or just map it manually (doesn’t apply for new players) 
  • Added 308 Narrow marsh, 310 Marsh and 310.001 specific for lada Small marsh. Recalculated symbol map marsh has 0.3 speed coeficient. 
  • Disabled free fly (it was there only for debugging purposes) 
  • Removed some unrunnable online competitions.

Please note that you can delete your uploaded competition in workshop if you know that it’s something wrong with it.

Version 0.8.6186.29474 released

Change log:

  • Fixed bug with quitting to main menu and then pressing Start quickly resulted in black screen without countries.
  • Added map bounds for map handling to avoid moving map out of view
  • Possibility to handle map while map is hidden was creating confusion for some new players. So it’s disabled now as default. But there is new hidden map handling slider in Game Options, so players that liked this feature can still use it.