Update version 0.8.6219.31385 released

Change log 

  • Made map render texture little darker to avoid overexposed yellow on Lada. 
  • Increased punching radius from 1m to 1.2m 
  • Added mouse smoothing to Game Options 
  • Added saving of filtering options in course list 
  • Fixed missing course condition level labels in some resolutions. 
  • Fixed exception when focusing on next leg that doesn’t exists 
  • Support for map and compass in right hand 
  • Added cancelling of asynchronous downloading of course replays when quitting from course replay screen. 
  • Fixed issue with stuck course conditions. It could happen when you have already selected an row in course list. And than navigated back to menus.

Default value of mouse smoothing is 40. It’s smoothing mouse input over 10 frames. If you will set it to 0 just raw mouse input will be used but that can introduce jerky movement depends on your configuration. Some players prefer raw input in games like CS so now you have this option if you want.



Update version 0.8.6211.42592 released

Change log:

  • Added loading replays progress info in percentage in Course Replay 
  • Fixed movement tail duplication bug. 
  • Added Punched Control Number to punching text 
  • Fixed exception when clicked on control that is in actual map event but not in actual course that is replayed. Now searching for nearest control when you are selecting control for mass start or split analysis is performed only in actual course controls. (before it was searching in all map event controls) 
  • Added full text search for course list.
  • Added disciplines filtering in course list.
  • Added difficulty filter.
  • Fixed bug that only first 50 competitions were downloaded. Now 80 competitions already exists… Well good news is that you will have 30 new competitions to play today.

Update version 0.8.6209.500 released

Mouse based map handling is now set as default in Input mapping.
W – forward running, QE map rotation, left mouse button + mouse = map movement, right mouse button + mouse = map rotation
YOU WILL NEED TO PRESS BUTTON Restore Defaults IN Input SCREEN TO APPLY THIS DEFAULT MAPPING if you already played the game.
(not needed to do for new players or if you don’t want to change your controls)

Major changes:

  • Added mouse based map movement and rotation. So you can now handle map with mouse only if you want. Added two key modifiers which if they are hold pressed will disable mouse for camera look and
    they will toggle map movement or rotation. You can map them in Input like you want:
    Mouse Map Movement Modifier
    Mouse Map Rotation Modifier
  • changed default Input mapping
    W – forward running, QE map rotation, left mouse button + mouse = map movement, right mouse button + mouse = map rotation
  • Initiating download explicitly after subcribing. (will make downloading of competitions/courses much more responsive)

Change log:

  • Fixed EA warning message overflow for different aspect ratios.
  • Changed fences collider height from 3m to 4m (to avoid some edge cases when you were able to go through fences)
  • Now deleting local competition file in course builder
    Added deleting of old competition file when renaming. Competitions are saved when competition is renamed.
    Added Yes No messages to all delete buttons in course builder (competition, map event, course) that will ask you if you are really sure. And describe what will be deleted.
  • In course replay player’s replay is now selected and visible as default. (and scrolled to it when needed) Re-run replay now has specific postfix so you can recognize it from first-run online replay.
  • Fixed bug with duplicate replays in first run.
  • If Hidden Map Handling is disabled mouse based map handling is not blocking camera movement when map is not visible.
  • Updated tutorial to support mouse based map movement.
  • Updated tutorial to support mouse based map rotation.
  • Fixed bug with active buttons from last selected course after quitting from course replay
  • Made tutorial course easier.
  • Fixed default values for graphics settings for new players (disabled birds and wind)
  • Adjusted footsteps default sound value from 0 to 4


Version 0.8.6201.17634 released

Change log:

  • Added cancelling of map catalog building. (not visible change for player) 
  • Added Windy Mist weather preset 
  • Show slider now supports Finished, Not Finished and All options. And course list keeps selected item even while async updating course list or changing filtering options 
  • Fixed streaming assets path to make it multi-platform. Re-enabled EA warning. Upgraded game engine to 5.3.7 
  • Fixed bug with missing Continue button in loading screen when hitting Escape while loading map.

Merry Christmas!

Version 0.8.6195.39558 released

Change log:

  • Fixed finished time sorting in course replay (DNF rows weren’t on the end)
  • Fixed some minor exceptions and removed some debug logs.
  • Mapp Zoom In fixed to Map Zoom In in Input mapping
  • Added basic filtering options. (your selection is now not saved as it’s experimental feature and we would like to hear feedback for it)
  • Tuned player radius down from 0.5 to 0.2m. So you will fit easier between trees.