Update version 0.8.6219.31385 released

Change log 

  • Made map render texture little darker to avoid overexposed yellow on Lada. 
  • Increased punching radius from 1m to 1.2m 
  • Added mouse smoothing to Game Options 
  • Added saving of filtering options in course list 
  • Fixed missing course condition level labels in some resolutions. 
  • Fixed exception when focusing on next leg that doesn’t exists 
  • Support for map and compass in right hand 
  • Added cancelling of asynchronous downloading of course replays when quitting from course replay screen. 
  • Fixed issue with stuck course conditions. It could happen when you have already selected an row in course list. And than navigated back to menus.

Default value of mouse smoothing is 40. It’s smoothing mouse input over 10 frames. If you will set it to 0 just raw mouse input will be used but that can introduce jerky movement depends on your configuration. Some players prefer raw input in games like CS so now you have this option if you want.