Did you ever wonder how to get your map into Virtual-O?

Did you ever wonder how to get your map into Virtual-O?

If answer is yes than please read this post carefully.

We would like to establish contact with map owners, event organizers, clubs simply with everyone who would like to share maps for Virtual-O.

It’s an great opportunity how get new exciting maps for training in Virtual-O

At the same time you will get space in map presentation video which is played when player is choosing your map.

This video is medium where we want to show info about map itself, club etc. Photos/short videos from real terrain or interesting places from that place. And most importantly you can propagate your

orienteering event here that is somehow related to this area or your club. Of course we are only on start so don’t hesitate to come with your own ideas here.

And most importantly you will help to propagate orienteering itself as Virtual-O will have chance to present these exciting terrains to world.


We are not searching only for toughest terrains. It’s very important to convert some good beginners maps too with appropiate difficulty.

LIDAR based maps are little less demanding on conversion time so if you are deciding which map than choose LIDAR one. But it’s not mandatory.

If you are interested please contact us on this email. It would be great if you can attach preview image of the map too: